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Can I freeze the milk for the winter fresh

Mushrooms are undoubtedly one of the most popularblanks for the winter. Indeed, if you can easily buy fresh vegetables and fruits in the winter, even if it is somewhat more expensive, you can find only mushrooms and oyster mushrooms at the end of the rich season, which is not always preferred by mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be frozen both raw and boiled. The second method is more suitable for freezing the load.

Question, can I freeze the milk, disappears by itself, if it is supposed to act in a way in which mushrooms are pre-cooked.

Purified, thoroughly washed mushrooms (as well aschanterelles with freckles), you need to cook longer, 10-15 minutes, in fact to the full readiness, so that they do not then bitter, which in itself is very unpleasant.

However, before freezing the mushrooms, it is possible andlightly fry. To do this, cleaned mushrooms need to be washed, cut rather small, and then a little put out (20 minutes) in a skillet, adding creamy, and preferably vegetable oil and without forgetting salt, as you like. Here it is required that as much moisture as possible from the mushrooms boils away. When the finished mushrooms cool, spread them over the prepared containers and send them to the freezer, tightly closing.

Whether it is possible to freeze the mushrooms, not frying and notboiling them, raw? Naturally. The main requirement - pre-rinse and cut into small pieces. The main thing is that the mushrooms are young, strong, clean, healthy, so that worm-eaters do not get among them (just such ones are rejected when cutting).

Frozen preforms before directusing, of course, you do not need to give up thawing at all or try to unfreeze them very, very quickly so that they do not have time to lose their unique attractiveness.

A true pleasure can be obtained from an appetizing plate of fresh mushrooms in the middle of a frosty winter! It is worth trying in the period of harvesting, to extend the summer season at least this way.

In winter, frozen frozen mushrooms can also be used tocook super-fast marinades, boil a rich borsch, mushroom soup or light soup. Nice to get a hearty dressing for any porridge, hot potatoes or just mushroom sauce. From frozen mushrooms it is also possible to easily create a delicious julienne or bake a mushroom pie.

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