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Is it possible to freeze salted salmon

You can freeze it. Only defrost then gradually, in the refrigerator, so that it does not fall apart from you porridge. It happens that, with improper defrosting, the structure of the meat changes and it becomes unpleasant and collapses. I think it all depends on how much salt is in your fish. I have a salted salmon normally stored in the freezer, then defrosted without problems, without losing taste.

Yes, it is possible to freeze salted salmon and otherred fish in the freezer. I myself do and do it repeatedly. Salt immediately a lot - a fish or a floor - a fish, depending on what weight, to eat, of course, do not have time. In order to freeze the salmon, I arrange it on polyethylene bags in portions, which we can eat for several days. The only thing I do not recommend is to store it for more than a month, well, a maximum of one and a half, because salmon, like other fish, from long-term storage in the freezer, gets an unpleasant "fishy, ​​slightly rancid" taste. And yet, after you got out of the freezer, frozen salted salmon, it becomes less salty than originally it was.

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