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Is it possible to freeze the salmon chilled

How to store salted salmon?

Salted salmon should be stored only in the refrigerator. And if you bought it in a package, then all methods of storing such a fish are written on it.

If you opened the package, then you need to shift the fish into a container and sprinkle it with oil and cover it with a lid.

If you salted the salmon yourself, it is not advisable to store it for more than five days even in the refrigerator.

We need her kushat.Esli bought in the factory packaging hermetic and not violated it, then it can lie for a long time in the refrigerator.

Or you can fish, which they themselves have salted to cut into pieces, put it in a jar and fill it with vegetable oil, and then you can store it for more than a week.

Store salted salmon in open form inthe refrigerator should be properly, its storage time will be short, maximum 7-10 days. In order for the salmon not to become saturated with foreign smells and remain tasty, wrap it in a piece of damp cloth moistened with a weak solution of vinegar, and then place it in a plastic bag that needs to be tightly closed.

You can also store salted salmon in glassbanks, densely ramming its pieces, sprinkling with pieces of bay leaves, dill sprouts and black pepper. The fish will need to be poured with olive oil and close the jar with a tightly screwed lid.

And to store the salmon for more than 10 days, you need to put it in the freezer.

It depends on how it looks.We store in two ways. If it is slicing, then in a glass jar, fill with oil. If it is a piece or whole fish, wrapped in linen cloth or linen. Yes-but in the fridge (but not in the freezer!)

I do not know if it's right or wrong, but when we're atthe north people lived, the indigenous population taught us how to store salted fish (any) in the freezer. preliminary putting inside (or between pieces) a slice of butter and wrapped in a rag. the fish are awesome. deployed, cut off as much as necessary and again wrapped.

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