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Is it possible to freeze a pumpkin for the winter in the freezer reviews?

I have been freezing for a couple of years. Cutting small (or not very small) cubes and into a bag, and then break off as much as necessary, and add to the porridge. Frozen taste does not affect, the pumpkin remains the same delicious. And if you freeze very large pieces, then you can then these pieces zapecht or put out with sugar.

You can freeze. Pumpkin refers to vegetables in which there is little water, and therefore perfectly tolerates frost - its taste does not change at all. Before freezing, pumpkin is peeled and freed from sunflower seeds. Then you can cut the flesh of pumpkin cubes of medium size, spread out on plastic bags and put into the freezer. Before cooking, do not defrost the pumpkin, and cook it right away.

Pumpkin is one of those vegetables that neverbored and who want to eat all the time, at least for me. Therefore it is very convenient to keep a pumpkin for winter with a freezer. Pumpkin quite well tolerates frost, it is not as watery as cucumber or melon, and therefore for its freezing it is not necessary to resort to any inconceivable tricks to just keep both shape and taste.

For freezing choose a ripe pumpkin, the regime onseveral parts, cut the crust, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes. Less is better. Cubes are packed in packages, you do not need to put a lot on it, just for one serving, and send the pumpkin to the freezer. You can freeze pumpkin portions, evenly placing it on a sheet, then folded into one package - so it definitely will not stick together.

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