/ / Is it possible to freeze already fried cutlets

Can I freeze already fried cutlets

Can I freeze fried cutlets?

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It is possible. But it is better to eat

For me it's nonsense, it's better to freeze, and then fry

Olga, well, and fry at a time, why then prepare? I would not be able to defrosted fried there. I would have a gag reflex opened

Lidochka, I do not do this, but I've seen more than once that they clean the prepared food in the freezer. nothing criminal in this I do not see

Well, in general you can, but the taste is not the one

my mother-in-law does so sometimes ... nothing to taste.

For me it's fu fu

It is possible, ready-made dinners like that are frozen, but I usually fresh always do, since after freezing they are not tasty

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