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Is it possible to freeze the mousse cake at home

Mousse cakes, which, incidentally, are still todaycalled Eurotors, consist usually of a core cake and one or several layers of mousse casting. At the request of such cakes can also be added any fillers, most often - fruit or berry. The same mass cakes are usually decorated with velor or mirror glaze, and chocolate chips and figurines, macaroni cakes, meringues, marshmallows, fresh berries and fruits can be used as an additional decor.

To make a mousse cake at home,You need to know how to prepare its components, and also have the necessary equipment and materials at hand. So, for mousse cakes, a very important role is played by the choice of the form in which the cake will be collected: on the one hand, the mousse should not flow out of it, and on the other - the cake should be easily extracted from the mold. Even for work on the cake, you may need a mixer, a blender and a silicone spatula.

Depending on the specific recipe of the moussecake, for its preparation can go from 1-2 hours to a whole day. In this case, additional time may be required to solidify the mousse, if the cake is multi-layered, preparing a mirror glaze if it is used for decoration. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is better to first choose the simplest versions of mousse cakes - to "fill your hand".

For example, one of the easiest to prepareMousse cakes can consist only of biscuit and one type of mousse. For such a cake, bake a biscuit according to your proven recipe, and then prepare a simple mousse.

Usually mousse for a cake is prepared on the basis of fattycream and gelatin. If desired, it can be added fruit or berry puree, chocolate, coffee and other additives. The general principle of preparing any mousse is quite simple. First, soak gelatin in a small amount of cold water, cream or juice (depending on the type of mousse) and leave it to swell, and then warm it in a water bath and enter into a mash, chocolate mass, coffee, etc. Then mix the whipped cream and carefully Connect them with a silicone spatula with a prepared mass of gelatin.

Assembling the mousse cake is usually carried out inreverse order. For assembly, you can take a silicone shape or a special ring for a cake (the sides of a normally split form will also fit). Silicone shape before assembling the cake-mousse is not necessary to prepare specially, but with the use of a ring or a detachable form, some effort will have to be made.

To mousse not flow out of the ring, you need to tighten itfood film (outside). It is important to tighten the film strongly, but not to tear it, it should form an ideally smooth bottom and should fit well against the rim of the ring. A ring with a stretched film should be placed "bottom" down on an even stand, from the inside it is useful to lay the rims of the ring with a special acetate tape. If there is no such tape, it's okay: you can cut the file for documents. The cake mold prepared in this way remains to be placed in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

So, if the mold for assembling the mousse cakeprepared, you can gently fill it with mousse, and put biscuit cake on top (crusts are useful to cut it off beforehand). It is desirable to dunk the cake slightly in mousse - so that it is better to "mesh" with the mousse. Next, you need to put the cake in the fridge and wait for the mousse to solidify. This can take from 4 to 6 hours, but rather will leave the cake to freeze overnight.

After curing the cake, you can carefully removefilm, turn the cake, remove the ring and remove the acetate tape. If a silicone mold is used, it is useful to take the cake for several hours before taking it out in the freezer - it will be easy to get it out of the mold. Already at this stage, the mousse cake can be ready for home tea drinking, but if you want to serve it to some holiday, the cake needs to be decorated.

If you do not have experience in decorating cakes,especially mousse, you can, depending on the composition of the cake, just sprinkle it through a strainer of cocoa powder or powdered sugar, decorate with fresh berries or fruits and mint leaves, cocktail cherries, chocolate sweets and bars, chopped nuts. Do not be zealous at the same time, because Eurotours are "friendly" with a minimalistic decor.

Ready-made mousse cake until served at the tableshould be stored in the refrigerator, otherwise mousse may melt. To cut such a cake into portions is best done with a dry heated hot long knife - then the cut turns out to be especially beautiful. Before cutting the cake, prepare a glass or other high capacity (for the entire blade of the knife to come in) with the boiling water: dip the knife into boiling water, wipe it with a dry paper towel and make one cut, then dip the knife into boiling water, wipe and make a second incision; Cut the cut piece onto the plate with a spatula for the cake.

The average shelf life of a cakethe refrigerator does not exceed 2-3 days, but if desired, the cake, without removing it from the mold, can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. To do this, the cake should be wrapped with food film and stored separately from other products, so that it does not become saturated with their smells. Before use, the frozen cake should be gradually thawed in the refrigerator.

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