/ / Is it possible to freeze a red-bellied turtle

Is it possible to freeze a red-bellied turtle

sprat also possible

still river shrimp dried they cost a penny then 30-45 r

Also very useful and nutritious for anyturtles will be the food from the seeds of wheat germinated during the day. In addition, they can also be fed with sunflower seeds or legumes, as well as fruits or vegetables (apples, carrots, pears).

Adult red-bellied turtles are also necessarygive firm twigs of plants (for example, apple or any food). This is necessary in order for the turtles to gnaw them and thus slightly squeeze the horny plates located on the upper and lower jaw. Otherwise, these plates will gradually resemble a beak.

Another common food for red-bellied turtles is shrimp and mussels, as well as squid and crab meat, which you can also buy at any grocery store.

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