/ How much can you store frozen mushrooms in the freezer

How much can you store frozen mushrooms in the freezer

Mushrooms are considered a very useful product. They contain a lot of valuable nutrients, so many experienced housewives try to prepare them for the winter until the end of the season. However, not everyone knows what, under what temperature regime and how much it is possible to store frozen mushrooms in the freezer. The shelf life and other important secrets we will disclose in today's publication.

At once we will note that for such purposes it is necessaryuse any edible varieties collected in the forest. To prepare for the winter it is possible chanterelles, honey agarics, white mushrooms and even champignons. The main thing is that they are strong, undamaged, young and freshly picked.

Those who have not figured out yet how much you canto store frozen mushrooms in the freezer, for certain will be interested in information that such processing is subjected not only to fresh, but also pre-boiled or fried product. The second method allows you to use raw materials that have been broken and lost their appearance.

Those who are interested in how and how much you can storefrozen mushrooms in the freezer, should know why. At once we will notice, that the given product further is used for preparation of set of various dishes. They can be a part of sauces, pies, julien, soups and other goodies. Here a lot depends on the wishes and imagination of the cook.

Young housewives, who are trying to figure out,how many can be stored frozen mushrooms in the freezer of the refrigerator, will be surprised to learn that they are even marinated later on. And as a result, they turn out to be as crunchy as when using fresh raw materials. By the way, mushrooms can be immediately lowered into a pot of boiling water, without waiting until they thaw out.

Those who want to understand what kind of dishes and how muchyou can store frozen mushrooms in the freezer, it will be very interesting that the varieties, under the hat of which there is a sponge, after cooking become too watery. Therefore, they quickly lose taste. To such varieties are the boletus, white and oily. These mushrooms need to be harvested exclusively in fresh form.

To save space in the freezerit is possible to pre-cut the product. But the smallest of them is desirable to be stored entirely. In the future, these specimens can be used to decorate various dishes. The main thing is that they were originally intact and strong. Otherwise, after thawing, they will lose shape.

Before you figure out how much you can storefrozen mushrooms in the freezer, you need to learn how to prepare them properly. Beforehand washed and brushed product should be placed on a tray and spread on its surface with a thin layer. After that, the container should be sent to the freezer. After fifteen hours, it is recommended to remove the mushrooms from the chamber and put it in a clean plastic bag and return it. In this way it is allowed to harvest chanterelles, podberezoviki, forest mushrooms, boletus and honey agarics.

Recommendations for the freezing of heat-treated fungi

This method is suitable for the disposal of instances,which lost an attractive appearance. Before freezing, boil the mushrooms. It is advisable that the cooking time does not exceed five minutes. It is recommended that the mushrooms extracted from the water be thrown in a colander and left for half an hour. At the end of this time, the product can be wrung out by hand, so that the moisture remains from it.

Then mushrooms are recommended to be folded into a tight packageor clean container and put into the freezer. The quantity of the product placed in a container must be calculated for the preparation of one dish. The same method is suitable for harvesting roasted raw materials.

Under what regime and how much can you store frozen mushrooms in the freezer?

The freshly prepared product does not loseuseful properties, nor its inherent taste for one year. And you can store it at a temperature of minus eighteen degrees. As for thermally treated mushrooms, they should be used within the next three or four months.

Defrost mushrooms is recommended gradually. This is best done by placing them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Thawed product should be used immediately. It is strictly prohibited to re-freeze. Otherwise, as a result, it will turn into a tasteless watery gruel.

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