/ / Is it possible to boil frozen chicken without defrosting for soup

Can I cook frozen chicken without defrosting for soup

I, for example, when I cook soup, then a bone with meat(this applies to both veal and chicken) is never unfrozen. I get out of the freezer and immediately into the pressure cooker. The only negative is that the meat is cooked longer, but I did not feel any difference in taste.

I would still have an experiment, taking one timecooked frozen meat, and the second time thawed. just on the basis of interest. the fact that frozen meat can be cooked without defreezing it beforehand is certainly understandable, the interest is how this will affect the taste of the broth. although most of us do not feel the difference, but it may seem to you that there are more ways to suit your taste)

of course, cooking meat, we lower it into cold water and defrosting is still gradually, but more intensely than the natural.

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