/ / Is it possible to freeze low-fat mackerel?

Can I lightly salted mackerel freeze

I heard that in 2-3 minutes you can salivate any frozen fish.

Is it possible to pick up mackerel in this way?

How to do it right and when can I try it?

I make mackerel like this: for 4 mackerel I take 250 grams of water, 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and salt, 6 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 9% vinegar (you can and apple) and spices that you like. I like dry adzhika. Wash fish, cut into pieces, put together in a container and pour marinade (warm). Put it in the fridge after a day it's ready.

I do not know if it takes me 2-3 minutes to do this, but if you take into account 1 fish, then I think that's the way it goes. Salt mackerel is fast and very tasty. Who do not give - all the fingers lick.

So, as I do. I take a kilogram of fish, clean it, cut it into pieces. I'm preparing a mixture, which I will rub each piece. It includes 3 tablespoons of various herbs and 1 spoon of large salt (do not take small - this is important). Each piece of fish I rub this mixture, I put it in a jar, I pour the floor of st. vinegar 9% and 2 tablespoons. vegetable oil.

I close the lid, I shake it. Somewhere in a day, the fish can already be eaten, but it is possible later, it is in the refrigerator. Usually it's not long. Today, too, I bought four mackerels, now I'm going to salt them.

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