/ How many frozen cutlets are frozen

How many frozen cutlets are frozen

A product from livestock (pork, beef orlamb) should be stored frozen from 4 months to a year. A bird (whole carcass of chicken, goose, etc.) can spoil faster. It can be kept in the freezer for a maximum of a year, but after 8-9 months the taste is lost. Poultry meat (chicken, turkey, duck), chopped, can lie quietly for up to 8 months. How much can lie in the freezer minced meat even at the lowest temperature, to predict more difficult. Any chilled food (minced meat, giblets) has already lain in the store for a while. The approximate shelf-life of the frozen minced meat is 4 months, but it is always necessary to check the shelf life on the package and subtract in the mind for another month. Supermarkets often sin by gluing stickers with the date of manufacture, if something stale.

I often buy from the manufacturer Ermolino frozen semi-finished products - they are always tasty and cheap.

So on the box, the shelf life is indicated in half a year - so in your freezer you can store frozen half-finished products as much as at least.

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