/ / Is it possible to fry frozen french fries

Can I fry frozen french fries

in general, it is still raw (not half-fried), so you need to cook in full

salt is necessary, it is unsalted, butter is also needed on the frying pan - but how else to fry, without oil, then?

another thing is that you can really try from this semi-finished "french fries" to portray, then you need a lot of oil and fry in small portions

but I just do it - poured oil in a skillet,slightly baked, potatoes, this ice cream from the package shook out - and fry as usual, without a lid; very tasty fried potatoes are obtained, with a crispy crust, to all the rest, it is also not fried to the pan :-)

now they have adopted - we are buying severalpackets of such potatoes, we remove them in the freezer, and then - if it's too late to work, or simply do not have the strength to cook something - we pull it out of the freezer - and into a frying pan ... it is very convenient, you do not need to peel potatoes, do not cut it, a lot of time is saved

Yes, my acquaintances are preparing the same product in the microwave oven, they say - it's good too

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