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Is it possible to salted pink salmon at home

On how deliciously salted pink salmon in the homeI'll tell you about it now. I buy frozen fish, because it's hard to find a fresh one. I carve the carcass myself and peel the skin, then the fish quickly and evenly salted out. Our ambassador is dry, salt, sugar and a bit of ground rosemary. Other spices are not needed, as the true taste of fish is lost. By the way, pink salted salmon is tastier and more useful than fish. It even looks like salmon. Store fish in a plastic or glass container, it will not give foreign smells to fish, such as aluminum pans or sinkholes. Salting lasts 1 day. And then you can eat fish.

  • Carcass of pink salmon (frozen) - 1 piece (about a kilogram)
  • Salt large, stone - 2 tablespoons
  • Sugar usual white (better powdered sugar) - 1 tablespoon
  • Rosemary ground - pinch
To make salmon homemade salmon we need 1 day, the number of servings - 8.

How to make salted pink salmon at home

I buy pink humpback salmon on the market, shefrozen. We must first defrost it, it's logical. Defrost the fish is better on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, so it will gradually defrost and not lose its flavor.

Wash the pink salmon thoroughly and dry it with paper napkins.

We divide the fish on the fillet. We make a cut along the ridge with a sharp knife and carefully separate half the fish from the bone. Also helping the knife with the other half. The ridge was left in your ear.

Trim the fins, pull out the remaining bones. Now remove the skin. Starting from the head, put a sharp knife, wide, at an angle of 45 degrees, keep the skin and remove the fillets.

Now you can cut the resulting fillets into pieces, of any size. But better big ones.

Now we are preparing the mixture for salting. In the bowl we put salt, stone, large.

There we pour sugar and dried rosemary.

Mix it with this mixture and rub our fish.

We stack the pieces of pink salmon into a plastic container. We put in the refrigerator for 1 day.

In half a day you can turn the fish over, so that it evenly salted out.

Time passed, delicious salmon salmonhome-ready! It is cut perfectly, not softened, like after pickling in brine or oil. From it prepare canapés, sandwiches, add to salads or any other snacks. Red fish is useful, especially without any chemical additives, as in the store. Salmon salted at home - a great snack on your festive table!

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