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Is it possible to freeze cooked dumplings

How to freeze dumplings so that they do not stick together?

For me, my mother is an example. She never had any special devices. Lay out the dumplings on wooden cutting boards, neatly placed them in the freezer. After freezing, I took it out, pegged it with a knife from the board (they are removed easily) and already frozen into a simple cellophane bag. And again in the freezer. The place is not taken much anymore. And I do it.

Before, they need to be frozen as it should beseparate (so as not to touch each other). This is best done in the freezer. After that, if you do not plan to cook quickly, you can put them in a bag and put them back in the freezer.

Let there lie before cooking.

I remember from childhood how late in the autumn we did with the grandmother pel'menis. A lot, a lot, for the whole winter. Deploy them on a plate with flour, frozen and poured into bags or containers, sometimes portioned, for example, 30 pieces each.

Conveniently. Do not open the entire package.

Suddenly, someone should come with children who came to visit with them. Grandma gave ready-frozen frozen dumplings in a package.

Usually, I lay out the dumplings on the board,sprinkled with flour, in a row and with a small gap between them and put in the freezer. Of course, it takes a lot of space, so you have to transfer some of the products from the freezer to the refrigerator. But after an hour the dough is already freezing enough, and I throw the pelmeni into a bag, and everything turns out as it should.

Place on a cutting board or on a plate so that they do not touch, and into the freezer. When frozen, can be folded into a bag.

I freeze on film, on the board, so that betweenpelmenkami or vareniki distance was. When it freezes, I put it in a bag, now it's definitely not adhered, it's checked. Otherwise, it will not work, no matter how much flour you pour.

Everything is very simple. It is necessary to sprinkle the dumplings with flour. Lay them on a cutting board or tray of the right size so that they do not come in contact with each other. Now we put them in the freezer. After freezing, pelmeni can be poured into a pouch or suitable dishes. But you can store them only in the freezer.

It's very simple really. Personally, we lay out dumplings or vareniki on a plentifully sprinkled tray and put in the freezer after they are well frozen, put everything into packages.

Lay them far away from each other and send to the freezer, and in order to enter more you can use the advice in the picture ..

So it turns out - I now often make blanks such. I mold a lot of dumplings, vareniki (with potatoes, cottage cheese), sometimes chebureks, I freeze it all.

The daughter is studying in another city and one should always givesome products, it is desirable that they can be cooked quickly in a hostel on an electric stove (they have a furnace on schedule there). And such semi-finished products are a good way out. And home-style, and nourishing, and quickly prepared.

I do so. I sprinkle a dosochku (usual cutting, wooden) flour. I do not add dumplings or vareniki, etc. In one layer, so that they do not touch each other strongly, I also tinkle flour from above. So, on dostochke and I send in the freezer. Approximately minutes through 40-60 they will be frozen up to the necessary condition. Then I lay out the dumplings for packages. It never was to get stuck together. Then, even on the road, they spend about an hour - they do not have time to grind and stick. But this is in the cold season.

And they are not at home at all. We got a package from the freezer - there all handsome by the piece.

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