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Is it possible to boil a frozen chicken if the expiration date has expired

Frozen chickens are stored for six months, and, therefore,among them there are fewer overdue ones. But, as practice shows, everything is exactly the opposite. A rotten chicken with a greenish tinge and spots on the skin. Such a bird Katya Tikhomirova bought in a large supermarket chain. The fragrant chicken in the package, along with the cash and commodity check, the girl referred to the prosecutor's office.

Irina Kukina, Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor of Krasnoperekopsky District, Yaroslavl

The investigators came to the store with a check. In the warehouse, 75 frozen rotten chickens were found. By law, chickens can be frozen only at the poultry farm, that is, the plucked chicken is placed in special refrigerators and frozen by fast freezing. The sellers of the meat department worked on their own technology - chilled chicken, which began to deteriorate, was removed from the display case. But instead of throwing them away, they were sent to the freezer. Frozen birds were sold at 100 rubles per kilogram.

Larisa Nasledova, Deputy Head of the Department of Sanitary Control, Yaroslavl

For the sale of rotten chickens, the shop was fined for as much as four thousand rubles, and as an additional punishment the spoiled bird was asked to remove it from the store window.

This is the same store where three months agothey sold spoiled chickens. We approach the counter with frozen chickens. See - the overdue birds lie here, as if nothing had happened. A fine of four thousand rubles was not frightened by the merchants - it is more profitable for them to pay than stop trading stump.

We went to another store in the same retail chain. On the shelves lies exactly the same overdue chicken. We put the whole frozen chicken in a cart and took it to the head.

- This, of course, illiquid. It's a yes.

- And why is it on your counter lying, and, is it called chilled? It is called chilled, but lies in the frozen chicken section.

- They threw it just there.

"How could they just throw it there?"

- Four days I was not, so they took and threw.

"Well, now what will you do?" They throw it back?

"No, just throw it out, that's all."

We will check to see if the manager fulfills his promises. Two weeks later we go to the same store. In the shop are chickens in normal packaging and with a valid shelf life. It turns out that the visit of the correspondent of the program "Habitat" sellers were more frightened than the fine of four thousand rubles.

Irina Vinogradova, Director of the Russian Institute of Consumer Testing

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