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Is it possible to freeze the buttery soggy

  • oil;
  • purified water.

We clear the oil from the skin. Oils are not recommended to be washed, they can be wiped with a damp cloth, because when washing, the tubular texture of the mushrooms will absorb a lot of water.

We cut them into small pieces.

Then we lower it into the sauté pan with boiling water. For cooking oil, it is not recommended to use galvanized dishes, mushrooms can darken.

We wait 10-15 minutes until the mushrooms decrease in size. This, by the way, allows you to save space in the freezer.

We pour the mass into a sieve, leave it for 15-20 minutes, so that excess moisture is gone.

Spread the pieces of mushrooms on a plate or tray. We refrigerate in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Gently pick the mushrooms from the plate.

We put them in the food package, carefullyclose. In a slightly open polyethylene bag, we insert a tube for a cocktail to let out all the air from it. The package should be completely hermetic, so that the buttermilk does not dry out and does not lose useful properties.

Fungi are stored in the freezer for 5-7 months, but they can be left there for 2 years. We use frozen forest mushrooms at our discretion.

Freeze not only boiled oil, there are other ways of freezing:

  • Fried frozen buttermilk. To do this, first they need to be fried. Nothing complicated, to the recipe for freezing fresh mushrooms is added only one more item - the frying stage.
  • Raw frozen buttermilk. Raw mushrooms are sent to the freezer without pre-cooking or frying. With subsequent defrosting, they will resemble fresh, just collected.

  • Mushrooms frozen with fried or cooked, before cooking are recommended to unfreeze, having turned over on a colander. This removes excess fluid.
  • Freshly frozen raw buttermilk before cooking can not be thawed, because they can become brittle and fall apart in a dish.
  • Freeze any other forest mushrooms for future use. The temperature in the freezer should not be higher than -18 degrees. In this form for a long time, they well retain their shape, color and texture and are great for creating various dishes.</ p>

Frozen several packages, you can cookduring the winter, mushroom soups, saute, ragout and casseroles. The main thing - to choose for freezing only young, fresh, without damage, mushrooms, collected in clean places.</ li> </ ul>

There are a lot of recipes for frozen dishes. Mushrooms can be added to the roast with meat and vegetables, bake them in pots with potatoes, cook pastries (pies, pizza, pies), soups. From the oily dishes are prepared and individual dishes, for example, oily in a Stroganov style. To do this, mushrooms are stewed with onions, tomato paste and sour cream for about half an hour or until cooked, if raw mushrooms are frozen. To such an aromatic sauce you can serve any garnish.

So, we answered the question of how to freeze onwinter mushrooms oily and that you can cook from them. Let's note still that fact, that the frozen mushrooms well give in to conservation. They can be marinated, immediately delivered from the freezer. This saves time, because mushrooms do not need to be washed and cleaned.

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