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Is it possible to freeze salted pink salmon in the freezer

Most often this pink salmon appears on the shelves infrozen, chilled, smoked or salted form. The method of processing fish directly depends on the term and the conditions for its further storage. The longest time you can keep the freshness of smoked and salted variants, but in other cases there are tricks and nuances that allow storing pink salmon for a long time without loss of flavor.

  • it is important to remember the rule that in the refrigerator you can not keep in close contact fresh fish and pink salmon, which has passed through different kinds of processing (this neighborhood will ruin the taste properties of both products);
  • if the pink salmon was purchased in vacuum packing, then it is not necessary to open it before the preparation or use process (in the open package the fish will be preserved less);
  • to store pink salmon in plastic bags is not recommended (especially for smoked and salted fish species);
  • Ideal for storing pink salmon inThe refrigerator is a foil or food parchment (it is not necessary to tightly wrap the fish in paper or foil, enough oxygen should come to the pink salmon);
  • if you sprinkle pink salmon with a small amount of lemon juice, this technique will help preserve its juiciness and give a rich aroma to the fish;
  • Once frozen, the frozen pink salmon should be placed in the freezer or defrosted and eaten;
  • if the pink salmon is bought in the cooled state, then after the acquisition it must be frozen or cooked no later than two days later;
  • keep the taste of pink salmon inthe refrigerator can be used with cotton cloth and salt (it is necessary to sprinkle abundantly with large salt fish, wrap with a cloth, and then put on the top shelf in the refrigerator);
  • Salt for storing pink salmon can be replaced with sugar (the taste of fish will not be disturbed, and sugar will be well washed with water);
  • before freezing, fish should not be washed (before salting in the refrigerator pink salmon should also not be washed, but it must be done before cooking if the fish is bought in a chilled or fresh form);
  • Chilled pink salmon fillets can be frozen inice glaze (fish should be placed in a pan filled with water and put in the freezer, as soon as the ice layer reaches 5 cm, the workpiece should be put in a bag and placed in the freezer).

If pink salmon was purchased in a vacuum package,then after its opening, the fish can be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than two days. In the unopened container pink salmon is well kept for the entire period indicated on special labels. The storage period in this case can largely exceed 2 days and reach two months.

At room temperature pink salmon can not be storedregardless of its type and treatment option. Fresh, chilled or frozen fish will quickly begin to deteriorate and get a characteristic smell of rotten product. Salted or smoked pink salmon in the room will become slippery and lose its flavor properties. In addition, such a pink salmon can quickly become crusty and dry out.

  • The optimal conditions for storing pink salmon are considered to be a temperature slightly below 0 degrees (the shelf life will be 2-3 days);
  • at minus temperature in the freezer chamber, pink salmon can be stored for 7-10 months (repeated freezing should be completely eliminated);
  • at room temperature pink salmon can be kept no more than 2 hours;
  • in the icy glaze pink salmon can be stored for 1 month (after this period, the taste of the fish will begin to break and it will become dry);
  • if grated with salt and grinded, it can be stored in the freezer for almost a year.

Using additional means (salt,lemon, tissue) pink salmon can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 days. In this case we are talking about chilled fish. If the pink salmon is smoked or salted, then in the first case, if the storage rules are observed, it will remain fresh for 1.5-2 months, and in the second variant - for a month.

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