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What can I cook from frozen fried in the oven

Opytata are forest mushrooms, which are enoughpopular in our latitudes. Tasty dishes from these mushrooms can please yourself not only in the autumn season, but also at any time of the year. It is enough to freeze firearms for future use in the fall or to purchase a frozen product in the store. Such mushrooms will retain all useful properties, thanks to the deep freezing method and will please with the appearance.

Many doubt whether it is worth buying such aproduct, because they do not know how to prepare frozen mushrooms properly. Whether it is necessary to defrost mushrooms, what and by what methods it is possible to make of them. In fact, there is nothing difficult to work with frozen honey agarics, but they are used in cooking the same dishes as fresh mushrooms.

The most frequent question, which the cooks ask themselves before preparing frozen ones: will they be thawed?

The answer to this question can be given, knowing the wayfreezing. Opyata can be frozen in raw and cooked. In the first case, the mushrooms must be defrosted, and the pre-cooked or fried semi-finished product can be immediately used during cooking.

If you cook a dish of raw frozen frozen, then after defrosting they need to boil also. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Mushrooms put in deep dishes and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to thaw for 10 hours.
  2. Defrosting can also be done at room temperature, but not in the microwave oven, so as not to lose a significant portion of the beneficial properties of the product.
  3. Defrosted honey mushrooms must be boiled in salted water for 15-20 minutes. Place mushrooms only in boiling water.
  4. Boiled frozen mushrooms should be poured in cold water, add a spoonful of salt, bring to a boil and cook for 8-10 minutes, constantly removing the foam.
  5. Throw mushrooms in a colander or strainer, allow the water to drain completely and start cooking.

Defrosted mushrooms can not be boiled before frying or baking, but processed honey agarics will be more tender, tastier, retain a unique mushroom flavor and be prepared quickly.

If in the freezer there is a packing of frozen fursYou can not be afraid of the arrival of unexpected guests. From this product prepare a lot of dishes, honey agarics combine with a lot of additional ingredients, combining and combining different products you can cook everything from snacks and salads, to pies and main dishes. Frozen mushrooms cook, fry, stew and marinate, in general, they prepare the same dishes as fresh mushrooms.

Hot is the easiest and tasty wayto cook frozen mushrooms. You can pre-boil them, then the mushrooms will be more tender and fragrant, or thrown into the pan without pre-treatment. Fry mushrooms in cream and vegetable oil with onions and garlic, sometimes add sour cream, potatoes and other vegetables.

From frozen frites, delicious aromatic soups, borscht, broths and saltworts are obtained. Even without the addition of meat, the first dishes from these mushrooms come out very rich and rich.

In the mushroom soup, add potatoes, onions, carrots,sweet peppers, celery, cereals or noodles. A special smell and taste will add fresh green at the end of cooking. From the drink, even vegetarian borscht is cooked on mushroom broth. And if you want something more satisfying, you can cook a thick meaty hodgepodge with mushrooms and olives.

You can cook these dishes on the stove or in the multivark.

Due to its structure, fungi very quickly saturate the body. Therefore, they prepare a hearty main course with meat and without it.

Ragout with honey agarics and vegetables is cooked in a frying pan,frying all the ingredients - onions, peppers, potatoes and other vegetables. The dish is cooked in the oven until baked, baking for 40 minutes. You can also add roasted pieces of pork, beef or chicken to the stew.

These mushrooms are stuffed with meat rolls, potato zrazes, casseroles, and cooked from them julienne and dishes in pots.

Boiled and finely chopped mushrooms are used inas a filling in pies, pancakes, pizza, puffs and other flour products. Especially delicious will be a filling of finely chopped fried, stewed with onion in sour cream.

In salads you can add boiled orfried mushrooms, and the most delicious snacks are obtained from pickled frozen mushrooms. Prepare them very simply. Mushrooms fill with water, bring to a boil, drain water. Pour agaric boar over boiled water, 1 cup of boiling water per 1 kg of mushrooms. Add to the broth bay leaf, cloves, peppercorns, salt and sugar. Cook on a quiet fire for 40 minutes. At the end of the cooking, add the vinegar.

Also as a snack is ideal fungal caviar. Mushrooms defrost, boil, grind in a meat grinder, mix with fried onions, season with spices.

With frozen firearms you can cookdelicious scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs. Faster with the boiled frozen mushrooms. You can immediately send them to a skillet with butter, fry for 10 minutes, pour eggs and fry until done. You can add onions, cheese, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

To properly prepare frozen honey agarics, without harming health and not spoiling food, you need to know some tricks:

  • Frozen mushrooms can not be frozen again and stored in a refrigerator;
  • thawed mushrooms need to be sniffed, they should have a mushroom pleasant aroma. If the smell is sour and unpleasant, the mushrooms are not fit for consumption;
  • store frozen mushrooms in a freezer for 1 year;
  • in the multivarquet they cook frozen mushrooms in the steam mode for 25 minutes.

The most simple and tasty dish from frozen frites is fried mushrooms with potatoes. Every hostess should be able to cook it.

  • 400 grams of frozen fruit;
  • 400 grams of potatoes;
  • 2 onions;
  • oil for frying (creamy + vegetable);
  • greenery;
  • seasonings to taste.

  1. For such a dish, it is better to take mushrooms, boiled or fried before freezing. They do not need to be thawed, but immediately you can send them to a pan.
  2. Untreated frozen mushrooms are first defrosted on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. After they can be boiled in advance for 10 minutes, so mushrooms will be softer and tastier.
  3. Cut the onion into small cubes or thin half rings and fry until transparent in a mixture of oils.
  4. Mushrooms rinse, cut and add to onions. Fry until all of the liquid evaporates.
  5. Peeled potatoes cut into thin strips oradd them to the mushrooms, mix and cook over medium heat under the lid until the potatoes are soft. At the end add spices, salt and sprinkle with fresh herbs.

From frozen frit you can prepare a lot of delicious and healthy dishes, which will be happy your whole family!

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