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Is it possible to frost goulash

The question you asked is not simple and it seems almost unjust to me.

Let's go in order.

You can freeze almost any ready-made dish. Some taste qualities deteriorate (for example garlic loses its taste) and some will lose fresh consistency.

Here the question is not about this. And the question is how you will build a "cold chain", that is, what guarantee that the frozen dishes along the way will not be defrosted, and whether there are conditions to store them in the frost (not in the cold, but in the cold!)

So think about your departure from the menu point of view and that loves your favorite, which you want to see.

For example, if you prepare cabbage rolls, then there is nothing to freeze, in the cold (from 0 to 3) will last 2 weeks without spoilage. If it's colder, that's better.

I would roast a boiled pork knuckle of two or three in fat, with garlic, pepper, cumin in a pressure cooker or in the oven. (first fry then stew)

I would put it in a three-liter jar from under the cucumbers and fill it with fat, so that I could take it. Such meat will stand for months. You can eat in a cold form, but also warm up with chunks.

Boil is also not bad, but if you keep it, you must always strain and separate the vegetables, the meat is separated and the boil is separated. At a temperature of about 0 days, ten problems.

Take more canned food (peas, green beans, lecho, tomato puree) and sour.

Captive fish and herring.

Cabbage, carrots, parsley, beets, potatoes, onions, garlic.

Turn them better to cook them once or twice and distribute for three days, chim suffer!

But freeze, then freeze.

Meat in sour sauce - please. Also goulash, vefstogans.

If there is in place a micro then macaroni, dumplings, noodles, etc., but in the department. Buckwheat, too, boiled.

Shchi and borsch - please.

I can not even say what not. But we need to address these products as semi-finished products.

For example, from a frozen goulash, a fine pilau will be obtained if it is mixed with semi-cooked rice.

Potatoes I frost!

Mushrooms after preliminary heat treatment.

Pancakes at least as you like.

For freezing is better suited karobochki 500 gr-ovye from under margarinoa! This is approximately two servings of semi-finished product. I, too, put on a boil, but also a different broth. (Especially caked meat)

Take the coarse loin, the egg, the klobas. Do not be afraid of cooked type of doctor's, sausage, sausage. They can replace meat.

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