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Is it possible to freeze sausages

It is possible, but after freezing they will become watery. Therefore, when you get it, it is better to boil it right away or to fry it, preferably immediately. Otherwise, after lying down for a couple of days, they can turn green and spoil at all. You can cut, add rings to a pizza, for example. Very tasty, fry with tomatoes, onions and spices, greens.

Of course, freezing chilled foodsit is undesirable, and it is better to use them in food as soon as possible while they are so fresh. But there are situations in life when you can not eat these sausages in the near future. Then, so that they do not deteriorate, they can be frozen. And it's even better to freeze to preserve the freshness of the product. Then you can then get, defrost and cook the sausages the way you want. And you will be sure that the product is not spoiled, and you will not get food poisoning, which can happen if you leave the sausages in the refrigerator for a long time in the refrigerator.

Probably, it is possible, sausages and wieners do not have a singlestructure that can be damaged during defrosting, like meat or fish. Usually sausage, even if it was thawed, does not lose its properties, on the one hand because it is minced, crushed ingredients, on the other hand, because it has a lot of fat, and the fat all of a sudden it freezes well and thaws. The only thing you can advise is not to put frozen sausages immediately into boiling water, that's why they can lose shape and turn into porridge. It is better to first gradually defrost at room temperature, and then cook (or fry).

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