/ / Is it possible to freeze cutlets with onion and bun

Is it possible to freeze cutlets with onion and bun

There was a meat left unchained, already diluted with milk and with onions, it is possible to freeze it or it is better to prepare something?

I'm freezing. It happens there is stuffing from the stuffing stuffed cabbage, there is still an egg and rice, freeze, and everything is fine. Cutlets with milk and onions, even minced meat for sausages with mushrooms, too, if left to freeze. In stores, semi-finished products are sold, with different fillings, cutlets, little bits, too, all frozen. So, that you can freeze, nothing will happen to it.

Of course, such a ready-made stuff can be frozen, but undesirable, it is better to make semi-finished products from it and then freeze.

Either cook for example cutlets, and fry them, and then freeze. They will be more carefully checked.

And then just warm in the microwave one minute and get ready-made delicious cutlets.

Either form a meatball of meatballs for soup and freeze them and then fold them into a bag and take out as needed.

The fact is that milk and onions are not a good combination for freezing. If it was just a mincemeat, then there would not be a conversation. Therefore, it is better to cook it in some kind of product.

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