/ / Is it possible to freeze ready-made cutlets for a child

Is it possible to freeze ready-made cutlets for a child

- Frozen minced meat, and when necessary - to get, defrost, add everything. what do you need and make cutlets?

- Or immediately add a roll with milk and salt, make cutlets and freeze in the form of cutlets, and when necessary - get it and cook without defrosting?

Tell me the least of evils, please! : 008:

Most sorry! :( But if everything is cooked at once - can a child be given a second day?

I give on the second day. and not only cutlets: 065.

And I myself always freeze meat, suddenly change my mind and I want to bite another thread, but not cutlets: 073: Only in this case, as above-written minced meat, without potatoes, rolls, etc.

as you please. I do and meatballs, and cutlets ..- freeze ..

if the drop of minced meat remains, then I freeze it, then the carcass.

of course, steamed meat, this is one thing, but it's okay if you freeze.

that that such is recollected, that it is often impossible to unfreeze-to freeze. and so do and clean ..

On the second day, what to give?

frozen and freshly cooked. but why not.

You just did the heat treatment of the product ??

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