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Can or not freeze tomato paste

Frozen tomato paste is a mustharvesting in the arsenal of any gourmet. This tomato paste differs from the usual in the banks in that it has a bright aroma, a rich tomato flavor and a variety of spices in the composition.

This tomato paste does not need to be cooked. Just grind all the ingredients until smooth and freeze in portions. In our understanding, tomato paste is something thick and richly red. But frozen tomato paste has a more liquid consistency, and due to the fact that it is not brewed before freezing, the color remains natural, like tomatoes.

Such tomato paste can be added to borscht on the last minutes of cooking. You can also add to the stew or goulash and put out all together with the paste for several minutes.

Such a blank can be used forpreparation of sauces and sauces. Adding a couple of cubes of stewed potatoes or cabbage, you will add a dish of bright summer notes. Rice and pilaf tomato paste will make it even richer and give a nice nice color to the dish. Any pasta will become a masterpiece with such an addition.

There are several similar to this recipe,Only they differ slightly in the technology of preparation. If you are interested in a topic with tomato blanks in the form of sauces and pasta, pay attention to these recipes:

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