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Where can I buy frozen pastries

Frozen pastry wholesale and small wholesale with delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Our company applies semi-finished products for baking with rich and sweet fillings, as well as dough.

We can buy pies, puffs, hachipuri, samsa, pigtails, strudels and croissants from the leading producer of bakery products.

Frozen semi-finished products are profitable, convenient, simple, fast and most importantly delicious. Buying half-finished products for baking wholesale, you save much time and money.

The quality of the finished product directly depends on how it will be thawed.

Products must be thawed at a temperature of18-20 C. In order for semi-finished products not to become fouled, they must be covered. The defrost time depends on the product, on average it is 1 hour. If the product is soft, then it is ready for placement in the enclosure cabinet.

The layered bezrozhevye products do not need a proofing, they can be baked immediately after defrosting.

In the enclosure cabinet, under the influence of steam (the temperature should be 35-40 ° C), the volume of products increases.

After being in the closet, the product can be baked.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on baking, then you can buy express baking in bulk. It does not require proofing, it is thawed for 15-20 minutes.

In addition to a variety of pastries, you can order frozen dough wholesale and small wholesale.

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