/ / Is it possible to freeze trout which has already been salted in oil

Is it possible to freeze the trout which is already salted in oil

  • Shelf life: 10 days
  • Shelf life: not indicated
  • Shelf life in the refrigerator: 10 days
  • Term in the freezer: not indicated

Trout, which was bought in the store, shouldstored in the refrigerator. If the fish was frozen, then it should be placed in the freezer as soon as possible so that it does not have time to defrost. Currently, fish poisoning is considered the most dangerous of food poisoning. With repeated freezing, in addition to the fact that the taste of the product is lost, dangerous bacteria also begin to multiply rapidly in it

Store fish best in a chilled form notjust in the fridge, and on a cushion of crushed ice. In order for it to be stored longer it can be lubricated with a mixture of vegetable oil and a weak solution of vinegar, and before washing, wash the solution thoroughly. In this state in the refrigerator, the fish can be stored for several days more.

After a few days of storing the fish on a cushion ofice on it may appear a small raid. Its appearance does not mean that the fish is spoiled. Just this scurf should be removed, and the trout should be used as soon as possible.

You can store trout in the freezer. It is best to do this in plastic bags or in baking paper. With such storage, the structure of meat and taste qualities of fish will be better preserved. Before freezing fish, it is necessary to remove excess moisture from it with paper napkins. When you need to unfreeze it, it's worth knowing that fast defrosting is not for her. To begin with, it must be transferred to the refrigerator, and only then at room temperature. If you bought a chilled fish, then before freezing it must be gutted and thoroughly cleaned.

If the fish is stored in the refrigerator in a refrigeratedform, then it should be removed away from smoked sausages or meat. Next to fish, it is better not to store dairy products, as it will absorb the smell of trout and quickly deteriorate. If you store the fish for a while in the refrigerator before storing it in a saline solution, it will last a little longer.

Trout is such a product thatbelongs to the category of fish with fatty meat. That's why it's best not to store it in the refrigerator for more than six months. Salted fish or fish in the marinade can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.

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