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Can I freeze bloodworms for an aquarium?

Please tell us how to freeze bloodworms correctly? I sort of looked good, but finding information on the Internet did not bring anything sensible.

Fish in my aquarium are the simplest: sword-bearers, pearl gourami, scalar and catfish. I decided to switch from dry food to bloodworm, and since I live not in Samara, but its area, I can not often visit the bird market, so for me the freezing of bloodworms is the most acceptable option, so that once a few months to come and buy bloodworms at once for a long time.

There was information that the bloodworm can befreeze directly in the form in which it is sold, and can be frozen with water. The mechanism itself is not clear, does it need to freeze something in the package, or somehow differently?

And please, tell us how to choose the right onebloodworms? On a bird in Samara saw a picture that one man who sold the bloodworm, was a queue in a few people, and next, too, sold bloodworms, and no one came up there.

Vadim. Neftegorsk, the Samara region.

When buying bloodworms first of all you needdetermine the size of the larvae. The size of the bloodworm should correspond to the size of the mouth of the fish for which the feed is intended. In other words, all your aquarium fish should effortlessly and completely swallow the bloodworm fed to it, rather than swim around the aquarium with a molot protruding from the mouth, gradually swallowing it.

Secondly, the bloodworm should be both dry,alive and clean. This means that the bloodwich lying on the counter of the seller should not look like a clotted sticky mass, but with its stirring to actively show signs of life, and not have in its mass any impurities of bottom sediments. You have already correctly noticed that different sellers of live food have different numbers of buyers in the market, therefore, having no initial experience, you should buy where most aquarists are currently purchasing.

As for the process of freezing and howit's right to freeze bloodworms, then there may be several options and none of them can be the only correct one. All of them are acceptable, and we will not describe each of them, since you asked us the question of freezing the bloodworm, so let's talk about the way we use it, and accordingly we consider it to be correct.

In addition to bought on the bird market, bloodworms, you will need a piece of paper. In size, for this purpose, the sheets obtained when dividing into four equal parts of A4 paper are well suited.

It is very important, especially in the warm season,bought bloodworm, as soon as possible to process and freeze. In the form as you packed it in the market, it can very quickly lose its quality. The whole process does not take much time and looks like this:

Without any preliminaryprocessing, a spoon put the bloodworm on a piece of paper, just as much as you need for a single portion of feeding all the fish in your aquarium. You can, of course, put more, but then you each time have to get and break off the right amount, and then re-wrap and remove again in the refrigerator. Still it is more convenient to freeze one-time portions.

Then, with the same spoon, we straighten the bloodworm with an even weight, approximately rectangular in shape, 0.5 cm high, and wrap it in this way, as shown in the photo.

The same thing we do with all the remaining motyl.

Then received the sachets, but not all at once, having laid on each other, we put in a small size cellophane bag, and a cloth, but, not strongly squeezing, we wrap them.

Why do not we wrap all the bags at once? Yes, it is simply inconvenient to fold a high stack of bags with a bloodworm, and in the future, when you get one packet it is also more convenient to work not with the whole mass of frozen bloodworm, but with a small pile. We usually wrap up five bags in one sack.

When the bloodworm freezes and the time comes to feedfish, just take out one sachet, unfold it, and if the lure of the purchase was dry, then he will lag behind the paper effortlessly. If this did not happen, then there is nothing wrong either. Wait exactly one minute, and the bloodworm at room temperature for this time is pushed from the paper.

We are before feeding, the bloodworm is not preliminarilydefrosts. Throw in the aquarium directly in this form as in the last photo. Getting into warm aquarium water such a briquette, almost immediately defrosted and eaten by fish. No one from this never fell ill, and no other negative consequences were observed.

As you have already noticed, bringing the bloodworm from the market, weit is not washed and not disinfected, as some advise. Short-term bathing bloodworm in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and in other recommended solutions, does not give the desired effect, and in our opinion, it can hardly kill any infection, and additional troubles with washing and drying will bring. In fact, prolonged freezing in and of itself is disinfection, and the food needs to be bought clean, and if this requirement is fulfilled, then wash it, there is no special need.

To broaden our horizons, we recommend thatIn addition to what has been said, read the article by V. Plonsky "Feed", which details the many live feeds used for feeding aquarium fish and fry, as well as the basic rules of proper feeding.

If you are at a loss to determine the diet and the feeding regimen for your aquarium inhabitants, you can always contact the specialists of SamaraAquaplant. Our consultant will come at a convenient time for you and on the spot, taking into account the needs of all your hydrobionts, will give you comprehensive, individual information on all issues of interest.

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