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How to fry frozen cutlets in the oven

How to prepare frozen ready-made cutlets?

Is it necessary to defrost frozen ready-made cutlets before cooking?

Probably, it should be clarified that minced meat - I mean buying cutlets and homemade. Homemade cutlets from minced meat, which you twist and add all the "secret" ingredients - definitely tastier. But even when they are thawing, they behave much worse than purchased ones - the latter manages to keep the uniform given at the manufacturer's factory, but the home form does not. What is the reason for this "behavior" of stuffing I do not know.

But thawed cutlets (any) I always fry onoil, but frozen, if there is no time to defrost them, usually a carcass with sauce. The second option is preferable for me, because I try not to eat fried. And this is the main trick of the question "How to fry frozen cutlets". What is this trickery?

Any unfrozen tails will stick. To hands, to a plate, to a frying pan - and to fry them beautifully it will turn out very difficultly. Exactly Frozen cutlets should be fried in oil, if you are not a stew-cook, like me.

And of course, the main rule of frying cutlets: puts them on a hot frying pan and fry about 7 minutes before the golden crust, then turn the cutlets on the other side and slightly reduce the fire. Fry the underside of minutes 13 - also to an appetizing crust. Bon Appetit!

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