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Is it possible to freeze frozen eggs

I do not understand one thing - if the eggs. we will tell so it is not a little - it vobshche for the future not to salt? Is it a dangerous product? About pyatiminutku everything is clear. Ambassador - ate. And if you want to cook for a while? Can eat what tricks, recipes?

And yet did not understand - many, afraid of parasites, roll the eggs with boiling water or even boil in boiling water. I understand this is something quite different from the taste obtained?

In the Internet found Ineta - "On the weekend gotcaviar and in order not to spoil the product engaged in salting. On one site, found a recipe that differs only in that after washing and separating the spit caviar pour steep boiling water and stand for 2-3 minutes. This is so to say heat treatment. After boiling water, caviar loses its transparency and becomes like millet. After this, drain the water and only now put in the brine for 5 minutes, stirring at the same time. Caviar in the brine takes a transparent appearance with an amber color! Well, then we express the water through the cheesecloth, for half an hour we hang it to drain water. we put it into a bowl for storage and water (a little) with lemon juice "

Pike "doju" in the arm and lick the caviar without any salting - that's how I love it :)

really cooked "in millet" caviar after brine becomes transparent?

Yes, any caviar after scalding is white. But then, during further salting, the transparency returns. Just do not have to keep in boiling water for long. Can cook.

Five-minute - a week of storage.

10 minutes - 3 weeks will stand.

15 minutes - weeks 5. But it is possible in a. package and put in a freezer.

I give 5 minutes to stand and pour caviar.

But the ratio of caviar and brine I take 1: 1. Those. I take 1 liter of hot brine to a liter jar ready for salted caviar. Not weld, but still there is heat treatment.

Certainly not as fresh, but better than salting for storage.

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