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Can I cook cooked meat

Meat, which must be served with sauce,should be boiled with a little bit of water. Meat should be put in boiling salted water and in the middle of cooking add purified vegetables. Finished meat is separated from the bone and cut into portions. On the resulting broth, prepare the sauce (with flour filling, with sour cream, etc.).

Smoked meat before cooking should be washed, thenput in boiling water. Water should cover the meat. Considering the secondary boiling, the meat is cooked for 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the piece. As evaporation should be added water.

Readiness of meat is determined by a fork. Ready meat lay out of the broth after the final cooling.

For cooking meat used dishes made of durable material. For this purpose, cast iron dishes with a lid are also suitable.

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