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How to freeze cooked meat

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And this is only when the meat has not been exposedfurther defrosting and re-freezing. During the repeated freezing, the meat loses valuable substances and vitamins, only food fibers remain. The meat of nutritional value, which has been re-frozen, does not carry itself, and besides, it gets a musty smell, it becomes rigid.

The process of preparing meat for freezing:

Meat must be cut into separate orportioned pieces. Meat washed before freezing is not necessary. Lay the pieces of meat in polyethylene sealed bags and squeeze out all the air from the bags. Packages need to be tied up or sealed with an iron so that there is absolutely no air access. Then lay the meat in the freezer. It is necessary to know that the temperature that was set at the beginning of meat freezing should be maintained throughout the entire storage time of the product, without lowering or increasing.

When thawing meat, you need to get the packageproduct from the freezer, then put in a suitable container and put in the refrigerator department. Packaging with meat is not necessary to open until the end of thawing.

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