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Is it possible to freeze smoked meat in the freezer

Most young housewives have a number ofissues. How much meat can be stored in the freezer? How to properly pack meat products in order to preserve their useful properties and taste? At what temperature should meat be stored? Let's try to understand all the incomprehensible moments.

Meat goes on sale:

  1. Chilled. The temperature of such a product is maintained within the range of 0 ... + 4 ºC. Chilled meat is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 24 hours.
  2. With freezing no more than 25% of the total. The shelf life of meat is increased to 15 days, but in household freezers it is almost impossible to achieve suitable conditions for storing a frozen product.
  3. Frozen. At negative temperatures, most microorganisms in meat products do not develop, so you can safely store frozen meat for over a month.

Not all household refrigerators are equipped withfunction of temperature control in the freezer. Usually this parameter has a constant value of -18 ... -24 ºC (depending on the model of the refrigerating cabinet). That is why there is no other way of long-term storage of meat at home, except for full freezing.

The answer to the question of how much meat can be stored in the freezer depends on the type of product:

  • Pork and beef in large pieces lie up to 12 months;
  • goulash - up to 4 months;
  • carcasses of rabbits, nutria, birds - 8 months.
  • forcemeat, offal - 4 months;
  • sausages, semi-finished meatballs, meatballs, homemade cabbage rolls - 2 months.

If you store foods longer than the specified time, there is a high probability of a decrease in taste and the appearance of an unpleasant, specific odor.

Surely you met on the packaging of productsthe inscription "do not freeze again". The procedure for multiple freezing is prohibited in order to minimize the risks of intestinal infections. Therefore, before you send the meat to the freezer, divide it into portions.

It is widely believed that before freezing meatneed to be washed. However, this is fundamentally wrong. During the washing process, the product absorbs a part of the water - when frozen, it will turn into ice crystals, which will tear the fibers from the inside. As a consequence, the quality and taste of the product deteriorates. It is better to wash the meat after defrosting, immediately before preparing the dish.

Do not wash meat before freezing.

Store meat products only insealed packaging. First, there will be no freezing of moisture from the fibers, and the thawed piece will not lose flavor characteristics. Secondly, with such storage, different smells do not mix. This is especially true when one chamber contains meat, seafood, vegetables and berries.

Use as a packing material plasticcontainers with a tight-fitting lid or special packages for freezing. You can also wrap the meat in foil, and on top - in food film. Many housewives use ordinary plastic bags. But, as practice shows, specific aromas easily penetrate polyethylene.

And one more important point: on the packaging, write the date of freezing. Such measures are rarely used in everyday life, but if you want to store meat for several months, be sure to consider this recommendation.

Now you know how much meat you can store in the fridge and in the freezer. We hope that our article will help you never make mistakes while storing meat products.

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