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Can I bake frozen meat in my sleeve in the oven

Everyone ever baked meat or chicken inoven - it's always very tasty, and everything is eaten quickly, but as you will remember, then you need to wash the baking tray, and clean the oven of the sprinkled fat - and do not want to cook again.

So, from all these worries relievescooking meat in the sleeve. If someone else has not tried it - I highly recommend buying this culinary sleeve from a special polyethylene film - in any supermarket you will find it easily in the business department. Not only that in the sleeve everything is prepared in its own juice, quickly, delicious, but no more trouble with washing then, for which special thanks to the inventor of this simplest and convenient device (I note that a simple package for these purposes does not fit, do not even try - it does not withstand high temperatures).

Meat for baking in the sleeve can be taken any -whether it be pulp of pork, beef, lamb leg, ribs, chicken. You can bake the meat by itself, but you can with potatoes or other vegetables. The main thing here is to prepare the meat, to marinate it, and from what it is marinated, the taste of the dish will depend. In addition, vegetables, if you add them to the bag for baking, will also allocate their juices.

It is good to pickle the hen in mayonnaise (it is possible withadding lemon), and young lamb and pork - in soy sauce. Someone likes to use balsamic vinegar for this purpose. As for the spices, now many different ready-made mixtures are on sale to quickly cook the meat baked in the sleeve - and with garlic, and with paprika, and with fragrant herbs. But you can do it on your own - take fresh garlic, onion, pepper, ginger, whatever you like - everything will go to the marinade.

Baked meat in a sleeve can be baked in a whole piece (of course, for these purposes it is better not to take deep-frozen meat, preferably use chilled, and even better fresh - get ready faster).

So, we prepare the baked meat in a sleeve whole piece

After washing the meat and drying on a napkin, docut it with a sharp knife in many places of a piece and pour it well with garlic, pepper or other condiments, pour soy sauce mixed with a small amount of vegetable oil (if the meat is lean) and let stand for 30 minutes. A very pleasant taste of meat is given by ginger if you have it, be sure to grate a couple of spoons on a grater and add it to the marinade.

After the meat has stuck, shift itin the sleeve, fix the ends and, after making a few small punctures in the upper part of the sleeve, we send to the oven for 1.5-2 hours to bake at a temperature of 180 degrees. If the meat is young, it may be cooked earlier.

Taking out from the oven, gently cut the sleeve,so as not to get burned with hot steam, we shift the meat to a dish, pour the sauce that was released during cooking, cut into portions and decorate with your favorite greens. Can be served separately with mustard. And make a salad of fresh vegetables. Tasteful!

You can make it with potatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes or just with potatoes and onions - everything turns out very tasty!

So, we take meat, we cut into fairly largepieces, zamarinovyvayem who loves what and leave for 20-30 minutes. At this time, cut the vegetables and onion into large pieces with semicircles. Then we put everything in a sleeve: meat from below, then onions, potatoes and vegetables and we send it to the oven for an hour and a half, depending on what kind of meat you have. If you overstrain longer - it does not matter, everything is surprisingly delicious in its own juice! It should be noted that if you cook from mutton, it quickly freezes, if something stays on the plate.

Cook the meat baked in the sleeve in different variations for your family, surprise the guests. Enjoy your meal!

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