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Is it possible to eat frozen meat with expired shelf life

What is the shelf life of frozen meat? How much meat can be stored in the freezer if it was frozen by ourselves, and not bought a ready-made semi-finished product.

We all like to eat deliciously, especially meat. For each type of meat, the storage period is determined, which depends on the storage temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer the storage life. At a temperature of 18 lamb, 10 months are stored, beef is 12 months old, and pork is 6 months old. The frozen poultry is stored at a temperature of 12 degrees not more than 5 months.

The shelf life of frozen meat depends ontemperature in the freezer and the kind of meat. According to GOST R 54704-2011 at a standard temperature of -18 ° C it is (in months): lamb - 10, beef - 12, pork - 6.

Unfortunately, I never managed to find the GOST forfrozen frozen poultry meat, but only managed to find such a curious document - Letter No. 23-1-6 / 52n of the GLAVGOSTORGINSPECTION of the RSFSR of July 21, 1987 titled "Terms of realization, temperature and storage conditions of basic food products in trade organizations (enterprises) of the Ministry of Trade RSFSR ", in which there is information only about the shelf life of this type of meat products. In accordance with it, the shelf life of frozen meat of geese and ducks at t - 18 ° С is not more than 10 months, and frozen meat of turkeys, chickens, guinea fowl and chickens is 1 year old.

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