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Can I give the dog frozen meat

The dog is domesticated by man, but it is required to feed it approximately to a predator in nature (wolf):

1. Meat, poultry, fish are given only in frozen form and one large piece. Gnawing off small pieces of the dog, the dog develops the jaws better. Food is more plentiful saliva and digestion and assimilation of food improves.

2. In a frozen bird, the tubular bones are not removed. In a raw-frozen form they are not pricked and there are no sharp edges, but are crushed during chewing. The danger is only the bones from the boiled bird.

3. Vegetables and fruits are given in a general form and without restriction (except for beets, bananas, grapes) -is simply left in an accessible place.

4. Feeding the puppies after 1.5-2 months is needed no more than 2 times a day. And as much as it will fit without restriction. Milk (cottage cheese, bio-yogurt, biokefir) and frozen meat, fish, poultry. (in the nature no one limits cubs)

6. Curd, yogurt and yoghurt are given with a fat content of 5 to 10%

7. All kinds of cereals (cereals) are not required at all. in nature predators do not eat them, but eat only protein foods. Absence or presence in the diet will not affect positively or negatively.

I repeat that this is the words of a professional veterinarian. Probably there is some truth in them.

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