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Can I use frozen meat for shish kebab?

Shish kebab has long become a favorite dish of Russians who have a rest outside the city, its taste depends on the freshness of meat.

Fans of this shish kebab with special attentionbelong to the choice of meat product, in ancient times it was prepared on metal rods made of fresh lamb. In modern conditions, the initial products are evaluated by other criteria, but always doubt whether it is possible to use meat for shish kebab after freezing.

By its condition, sold in the markets or instore meat can be paired, so it is preserved after slaughter only three hours, but for a shish kebab, according to professionals, it does not fit. After baking on an open fire, it turns out to be too hard, it is badly chewed, it is compared with the "sole". Its exceptional softness is distinguished by the meat cooled, it is required to provide a temperature regime of 0-4 degrees during storage. For a real shish kebab it is better to buy just such a product, its taste qualities are always evaluated higher than a paired or frozen cape.

So, is it possible to use meat for shish kebab afterfreezing? Experts of popular dishes say that such a product can also turn into an exquisite and tasty dish, cooked on charcoal. However, it is not allowed to freeze the meat again after it has already been thawed. To distinguish a similar product can be a simple touch, the fingerprint will be dark if it was exposed to low temperatures once, the appearance of an unpainted patch indicates a repeated freeze. Therefore, when they want to surprise their relatives and guests with a delicious shish kebab prepared with their own hands, the meat for it is bought chilled and meets all the requirements for quality.

When evaluating meat, which should be the basistasty and attractive shish kebab special attention should be paid to the degree of its freshness. Choosing, preference is given to young meat and chilled, but not too worsen the result and frozen, but only once. Meat does not tolerate fuss, choose it slowly, testing different quality indicators. Taking care of a good product for a shish kebab you can cheer up at a holiday and keep health.

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