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How to freeze smoked meat

for the new year we raise the prices for smoked meat three times, can we buy them in advance and store in the freezer until the new year and Christmas

Wife left, in the refrigerator lies the floor of the chicken "smoked" as it is written, with it it is necessary to do something? or you can hawk?

Hello! The question is: Is it possible to cook meat in Leningrad not in a bowl with a thick bottom, but on a water bath? There are no mattresses or any other thick-walled pots, but I want to pamper myself with delicacy. If it is possible, then it should be cooked as much as in the usual way (about 1 hour), you need the same amount of butter?

cooked a lot of forcemeat. I do not want to eat it anymore. I'm sorry for meat. Is it possible to get meat from pepper and cook something from it?))

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