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Is it possible to freeze smoked meat

If you, on the occasion,smoked meat or cooked it yourself in a home smokehouse, the problem of its storage is before you. Undoubtedly, its content should imply a saving of freshness, as well as aromatic and flavor properties. About how to store smoked meat at home we will tell in this article.

If you have a home smokehouse, thencooking meat in it, prepare the product in significant quantities that can not be eaten at a time. Otherwise, it is not advisable to proceed. But in this case, you have a problem, how to store smoked meat at home. Terms and conditions of the content of this product depend on its type.

There are as many species of meat products as there are animals, but in everyday life we ​​use them more often:

Meat products also include offal: liver, heart, tongue and others. How to store smoked meat at home depends on its type and method of smoking. There are three options:

  • hot treatment;
  • cold treatment;
  • semi-hot treatment.

The longest time you can store smoked ham orother product after cold treatment. For hot smoked products, shorter periods are allowed because they contain a large amount of liquid, which is a nutrient medium for bacteria.

You can store food in the refrigerator atdifferent temperature regimes, on which the timing depends. According to existing technologies, it is customary to distinguish between three short-term regulations without deep temperature treatment:

  • at a temperature mode from +5 to +7 degrees C you can keep the freshness of meat products up to 12 hours;
  • at temperatures from 0 to +5 degrees C - during the day;
  • at a mode from -3 to 0 degrees C - within 2 days.

So you can store smoked meat in the fridge, the by-products are stored for several hours less.

If you need to keep the product longertime, it needs to be frozen. Smoked meat products can be stored longer in the freezer. In this case there are also three temperature regimes:

  • at temperatures from -10 to -8 storage is provided for up to 4 months;
  • at a temperature regime in the chamber from -18 degrees C to -10 degrees C, freshness of the smoked product can be ensured up to 8 months;
  • if stored in the freezer products at a temperature of -24 degrees C to -18 degrees C, then they can contain up to 1 year.

Such long storage timesfrozen smoked products, are more relevant for production, but these parameters will help you if you decide to smoke large volumes and you need to save them for a long time. But in this case, the question whether it is possible to freeze the smoked ham, is as relevant as the questions of proper defrosting. The product should be kept at a temperature of about +12 degrees C until it is completely thawed.

Important! Freeze the smoked ham or other kind of smoked meat right away at low temperatures. That is, the freezer should be turned on for at least 2 hours, in order for it to form the proper storage mode. It is better to place the product in a vacuum package.

Refrigerators have appeared relatively recently, but also earlier smoked a brisket, hams, bird wings and other delicacies. Our ancestors used the following methods:

  • Storage in tissue. The natural fabric was impregnated with brine, wrapped in a product and placed in a cool place, where there are no temperature differences, for example, in the sub-house.
  • In the attic. Smoked meat is perfectly preserved in the ventilated room of the attic, if it is suspended in a rag bag.
  • In the nettle leaves. If you relax in nature, where there is not only a refrigerator, but also at home, lay the meat with the leaves of the nettle. Convolution keep in the shade. So it can keep fresh for a few days.

If you have interesting information on how to store smoked bacon or other smoked meat, share your experience in the comment block.

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