/ / Is it possible to freeze chilled meat in a public catering

Is it possible to freeze chilled meat in a public catering facility

Sanitary and epidemiological requirements to public catering organizations, manufacturing and turnover of food products and food raw materials in them

Sanitary-epidemiological requirements for catering of students

in general education institutions, primary and secondary vocational education institutions SanPiN

p.8.8. Defrosting (defrostation) and primary processing of meat and poultry meat are carried out in accordance with the requirements of sanitary rules for catering organizations.

In SanPiN there is no information on the defrosting of meat.

From this it follows that the defrosting of meat in the kitchens of educational organizations can be carried out:

1. In the refrigerator meat-grinding shop at a temperature of 0 to 6 ° C.

2. In the meat-and-fish shop on the production table "Meat raw"

Defrosting in the refrigerator

Defrosting on the production table

In a refrigerator with a temperature of 0-6 ° C for 12-24 hours. Slow defrosting reduces the loss of meat juice.

Rapid defrost at room temperature(more than 20 gr.C) ​​contributes to a significant increase in losses of meat juices containing protein substances, minerals and vitamins. In addition, at room temperature, conditions arise for the propagation of microorganisms in meat.

Conclusion : It is advisable to defreeze meat in the food-processing units of educational organizations in the form in which it was received (without cutting it) in the refrigerating chamber of the meat-and-vegetable shop in a "raw meat" container at a temperature of 0-6 ° C, for 12-24 hours to a temperature in the thickness meat 0-1 ° C.

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