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Is it possible to freeze meat in a vacuum package in the refrigerator

A modern alternative to packaging meat in a stretch film is a vacuum.

It has not only an attractive appearance, but also performs a number of other important functions:

    • prolongs the shelf life of products,
    • provides a presentation,
    • protects the contents from damage.
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In addition, vacuum packaging is practical, compact, affordable, easy to store and transport.

The essence of vacuum packaging is that the storage of products in it is carried out without access to air, under the influence of which, as is known, there is a rapid multiplication of bacteria.

Terms of savings in the vacuum environment significantly increase, while the product retains all the initial volume of moisture and natural flavor.

This type of packaging is carried out with the help of vacuum machines.

Meat and products from it are placed in a sealed container, from which air is pumped out. Correctly executed packing does not admit presence of air, stains, it densely encircles a product.

This provides not only an attractive presentation, but also compactness on the shelves of supermarkets, as well as capacity for transportation.

The shelf life of meat in vacuum packaging is 2 times higher than in conventional combined (tray + film).

For example, on supermarket shelves at a temperature of +3 ° C fresh meat in the package is stored for no more than 3 days, then, as in the vacuum, up to 7 days.

But there are also negative aspects of vacuum packaging.

  1. The first is that not for all meat products it is suitable, namely for fresh meat.In vacuum packing, its color fades, which gives the product a "stale" appearance, although after removing the packaging, the brightness returns. But an inexperienced buyer can scare it off.
  2. The second - at the very beginning, after removing the package from the bird, can a sharp unpleasant smell appears, which also in 10 - 15 minutes is eroded.And lastly, the meat, frozen in a vacuum container, significantly loses its original characteristics - it becomes tougher and taste qualities are significantly reduced.

Therefore, the conclusion suggests that the vacuum package is suitable only for chilled meat, and ideally for finished products made from it: smoked products, sausages, cuts.

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