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Can I freeze broth with meat in the freezer

How to freeze broth so that it is alwayshand, and the preparation of soup on the meat broth took no more than half an hour, including the time for cooking vegetables and pasta? Everything is extremely simple and easy. Buying meat or meat at the market, we also take meat with a bone to cook meat soups. The only nuance that pushes us to make a quicker meal is the long time of cooking the meat broth. But there is an alternative option that saves you time and energy (or gas from the owners of gas stoves). You can cook a semi-finished product - boil in the largest saucepan immediately all the bones purchased and ready saturated bouillon just to freeze in plastic containers. When you want to cook soup, just shake the "soup cube" into a saucepan, bring to a boil and cook the soup, as usual. Frozen home semi-finished products greatly facilitates the work of the housewife, releasing additional time for other occupations.

Prepare in this way and freeze the brothit is possible from any meat and poultry, fish, only the time of broth preparation will be different. Containers with broth must necessarily be signed, indicating the date and type of broth.

How to freeze broth - step by step recipe for cooking

1. Meat properly, put it in the biggest large saucepan, pour cold water and put it on the stove.

2. When the meat starts to boil, we remove the foam, let the water boil, we reduce the heat, so that the meat is cooked with a weak boil, close the pan with a lid and leave to cook for two to two and a half hours. In the middle of cooking, broth should be added. When the required cooking time has passed, turn off the heating and leave the broth to cool. With bones cut the meat and put it into containers.

3. Cool the broth and strain into containers. We close the containers with lids, sign each container, indicating the date of broth preparation and the type of broth. This is necessary in the event that in your freezer several species of broth. If you have only one type of meat, then only specify the date. Ready broth is perfectly stored for a month, during this time you have time to use it and prepare a fresh batch of broth. We put the containers with meat broth in the freezer and turn on the quick freezing. If your freezer does not have such a function, it's okay, the broth is not berries, it will freeze perfectly and will be stored.

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