/ / Is it possible to freeze minced meat already with onions

Is it possible to freeze minced meat already with onions

Is it possible to freeze minced meat with milk and onions?

Can. Nothing bad will happen.

For example, I make minced meat, adding onion, salt, pepper and a little mayonnaise or milk, form cutlets, freeze them and put them in a bag in the freezer.

When I cook when necessary, they say that they are more gentle than those that cooked immediately.

And why not freeze, it is even possible.

Freeze and store in the refrigerator-freezer up to three months, the taste does not change in any way, just pack it in a plastic bag, tie the package tightly and store it, but the main thing is to defrost stuffing only when you are going to cook something out of it, the meat is thawed naturally.

Of course, such a ready-made stuff can be frozen, but undesirable, it is better to make semi-finished products from it and then freeze.

Either cook for example cutlets, and fry them, and then freeze. They will be more carefully checked.

And then just warm in the microwave one minute and get ready-made delicious cutlets.

Either form a meatball of meatballs for soup and freeze them and then fold them into a bag and take out as needed.

The fact is that milk and onions are not a good combination for freezing. If it was just a mincemeat, then there would not be a conversation. Therefore, it is better to cook it in some kind of product.

Minced meat can be frozen together with onions and milk. I, when I twist the meat into minced meat, I immediately add garlic and onions there, so that I do not cut it later. If you are going to make minced meat from this stuffing, you can immediately add milk, pepper, salt, mix and place in the freezer according to your recipe. Then he took out, thawed and baked meatballs, there was nothing to cut and add. Very comfortably.

I'm freezing. It happens there is stuffing from the stuffing stuffed cabbage, there is still an egg and rice, freeze, and everything is fine. Cutlets with milk and onions, even minced meat for sausages with mushrooms, too, if left to freeze. In stores, semi-finished products are sold, with different fillings, cutlets, little bits, too, all frozen. So, that you can freeze, nothing will happen to it.

It is better to freeze minced meat, without milk. And if you have time to add a roll, soaked in milk, then it is worth making a piece like cutlets or meatballs, then freeze, putting in a bag.

We usually make such preparations for a week at once very conveniently, at any moment it is possible to get and prepare quickly cutlets or zrazy.

We freeze dumplings, cutlets, meatballs, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, etc. and of course the taste changes and the utility becomes less, but we do it.

Therefore, if you can cook something out of stuffing without freezing, then do it, and if there is a risk that the forcemeat will fall, then it's better to freeze it.

I always freeze the remaining leftover stuff, thenthere is already stuffed with onion, garlic, egg and everything is always fine. It happens that the ground meat is thawed, I dazzle the dumplings, and then I will freeze back (it's kind of impossible to do so) and then we eat nothing and have never had bad consequences. The taste is the same, so do not worry.

Minced meat with milk and onions can be frozen infreezer, but it is better to stitch the cutlets out of it so that they can not be thawed immediately into the frying pan, as mincemeat will have to be thawed and molded from it with cutlets, and defrosting will worsen the taste of the product.

I usually, if there is mincemeat, a cutlet cutlet and a freezer.

Of course it's better not to freeze. With milk of course, nothing terrible, but the hand, if it is finely chopped, the frost will be merciless. Remember the onions frozen, for example on a shelf in a store. The taste of onion is significantly deteriorated. The taste of minced meat will spoil the defrosted onions. Of course, in a desperate situation, you can freeze, but I'd rather press a bigger katlet. Katlets can stand for a long time after frying.

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