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Can I cook frozen meat without defrosting in a multivark

Can meat from the freezer not be thawed and cooked right away?

Meat from the freezer can not be thawedimmediately cook. You can even not wash, if it is bought in a normal store and as you are sure. The rate of defrosting in this case has little effect on the quality of the resulting broth. But in the freshness of meat you will be sure.

Here before the frying or baking, it is necessary to defrost, otherwise it will not be fried.

the meat will not taste good, flabby ..

from a long stay in the freezer, the meat also freezes-loses its taste ..

Meat from the freezer can immediately be cooked, notDefrosting if you do not cook a cold. If you make a cold, then it's better to defrost beforehand, and then the broth will turn out muddy. Although here, too, can depend on meat. Although I prefer to put the thawed meat in the soup. But the chicken I cook is sometimes frozen.

I immediately cook, and my mother first defrosts. Honestly, according to the finished broth or soup, and just boiled meat does not taste like taste, it's just frozen cook much faster than first defrosting.

For example, I do this, I do not defrost the meat fromfreezer, washing it and immediately put it in soup, in boiling water, although someone puts it in a cold one. I defrost meat only when I cook dishes, where you need cut meat, goulash for example.

I think that you can immediately cook meatdefrosting. But I have not tried, I do not know how the taste of meat changes from this. I first defrost the meat (usually in hot water), and then I cook it or fry it.

I, for example, when I cook soup, then a bone with meat(this applies to both veal and chicken) is never unfrozen. I get out of the freezer and immediately into the pressure cooker. The only negative is that the meat is cooked longer, but I did not feel any difference in taste.

I would still have an experiment, taking one timecooked frozen meat, and the second time thawed. just on the basis of interest. the fact that frozen meat can be cooked without defreezing it beforehand is certainly understandable, the interest is how this will affect the taste of the broth. although most of us do not feel the difference, but it may seem to you that there are more ways to suit your taste)

of course, cooking meat, we lower it into cold water and defrosting is still gradually, but more intensely than the natural.

Not that it is possible, it is even necessary. Frozen meat always gives a more intense broth than thawed. Hence, the soup will also taste better. The only thing - you must first wash the meat very well in hot water.

Yes. Can. Why not. This is an ordinary product that does not deform, and does not deteriorate, and what else can happen to it?

In general, in order to boil a piece of meat, it should not be defrosted beforehand. I speak like a cook.

It is not always possible to defrost the meat, there is no timeenough. It seems to me that the problem here is not so much the taste of the resulting broth, but the fact that the broth from frozen meat will turn out to be turbid, that is. The soup will not look appetizing and from this, its taste will automatically be lost with glasses.

Therefore, try to put eggs when cooking eggs (one or two), only they need to be washed before cooking. And when ready shells just take out and eat with pleasure (not shells).

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