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Is it possible to freeze yeast pies with meat

Pies made with a prescription are often noteaten in one sitting. Despite attempts to prolong their life in sealed containers, food packages and containers, some of this tastiness becomes stale and spoiled. Therefore, the question "Can I freeze pies?" Is often asked by the thrifty housewives.

The answer is unequivocal: - It is possible! After all, there are often situations when baking is preferably prepared in advance for any event. And if necessary, unfreeze all or parts.

There are two options

freezing pies for future use.</ strong>

1. Frost in the form of semi-finished products, when raw, only cake pies are sent to the freezer.

2. Frozen ready-made pies, already after the oven or frying pan.

Both options have their own pros and cons.

The dough of pies well tolerates frost. You can pile the patties and freeze in containers. If necessary, organize a batch of patties slowly defrosting, taking them from the freezer to the fridge, and immediately before baking let the pies be warmed on a baking sheet (these are yeast, which the proof is necessary).

In a frying pan, the patties slowly thawed in the refrigerator are roasted as usual, without any proofing.

True, not every filling is well toleratedfreezer. Some housewives complain that after a frost, cabbage sometimes loses its structure, mashed potatoes sometimes get dark, and in the filling of raw vegetables, the onions of some varieties become frost-dying. But you can always help and find a way out. For example, cabbage can be minced into the filling, and fry dry, to mash potatoes in the filling, add mushrooms, experiment, picking onions that would better tolerate freezing.

In the case of such a frost, more time is saved before consumption. The question is how to unfreeze the patties.

The best way is to defrost in the microwave. Who does not have a microwave, fried pies just fry over low heat under a lid or hold in a water bath for a while. Baked pies are heated in the oven, first wrapped with foil, and then, taking it off, let the pies dry for a few minutes and then remove from the oven.

Let's summarize the above in a nutshell. Best and tastier will freeze pies with raw semi-finished products, thaw in the refrigerator and cook in a frying pan or in the oven. But this, of course, does not always fit in time. Therefore, cook the pies completely, freeze and, if necessary, warm up in a convenient way for you.

Acceptable for you option, methods and algorithms of action, determine by sample method, guided by our advice.

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