/ / Is it possible to freeze marinated meat in mayonnaise

Is it possible to freeze marinated meat in mayonnaise

You can not, nor mayonnaise can not be frozen. It turns out that it is not known what: meat of gray color in the scraps of mayonnaise and a puddle of leaked juice with the scent of ice cream onions ... brrrr. There is definitely not going to be.

can. I froze many times.

It is unclear why you initially pickled it in mayonnaise (after defrosting mayonnaise exfoliates and it turns out "byaka" (((meat separately, mayonnaise separately ..

It is possible, but it will be dry.

No. We must bring the dish to its logical conclusion. Cook and eat or treat someone. )

yes, in stores they sell frozen

freeze anything you can anything, that's justafter defrosting not all products are delicious. Here a compromise is needed either for a long-term storage (in frozen form) or for a tasty dish. In short, if your shish kebab without onions was marinated, then anything bad with it from freezing will not happen. Just do not freeze onions, when defrosting it becomes soft as porridge and stinks disgustingly, it will spoil the whole shish kebab.

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