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How much can you store frozen deep-frozen meat

Meat is a high-calorie and nutritious food that contains many useful substances, necessary for the normal life of the human body.

But, like any product, the meat needs to be properlykeep. The shelf life depends on many factors: the type, storage conditions and method of preparation. About how much meat can be stored in the freezer, we'll tell in the article.

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The conditions, norms and terms of meat storage, depending on the species, determine in accordance with GOSTs: 28589-2014; 31797-2012; 31778-2012; 32752-2014 and others.

The shelf life is affected by the way and conditions of storage, packaging and processing of this food product.

The freshness and quality of meat can be determined by such factors as slice, consistency, color and smell.

  1. The most important sign indicating the freshness of the product - Colour. The color of meat should be uniform, withoutextraneous shades and spots: beef - red; lamb - dark red; poultry meat - light pink; veal and pork - pink. Streaks and inclusions of fat are permissible.
  2. Fresh meat slightly subtle, pleasant scent. There should be no sharp, sour or musty smell.
  3. Fat on meat can tell a lot about the freshness of the product. "Marble" on the cut indicates the high quality of the product. On good meat fat is white. </ p>

The exception is mutton fat, it can be of milk or cream color.

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  • Benign meat has a dense elastic consistency. It should spring when pressed. The hole left by the finger is instantly smoothed out.
  • On a fresh product there can be no mucus or mold.
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    At what temperature should I store it?

    Meat products, depending on the type and method of preparation, may be stored both at room temperature, and in a refrigerator or freezer.

    Storage temperature fluctuates from +5 to -30 ° С.

    In order for meat to preserve its flavor, nutritional and useful qualities, it is important to store it correctly. Each of the ways of storing meat has its own conditions, norms and features.

    Shelf life fresh meat 2-4 days at a temperature of 0 to + 5 ° C. It is not recommended to pack the product in a plastic bag or food film - fresh meat can suffocate.

    To ensure that the meat does not fade, it must be stored in an enamel or ceramic container covered with a lid. Allowed to lower the product into cold water and put in the refrigerator.

    Chilled meat Is a product that has not been frozen. Stored at a temperature of 0 to + 2 ° C. Shelf life of chilled raw pork and beef - from 1 to 3 days, chicken - up to 5 days. At a constant temperature of 0 ° C or lower, storage times vary up to 15 days.

    Freezing meat reduces its nutritional value and taste, but significantly increases the shelf life of the product.

    At a temperature of 12-18 ° C, the shelf life of the frozen product:

    Meat of deep freezing - storage at a temperature below -30 ° C prolongs the shelf life of meat more than 2 times:

    Keep defrosted (defrosted) meat in the refrigerator is recommended for no more than a day, since the product was stored for a certain time before defrosting.

    The thawed meat quality is practically the same as the chilled meat.

    Shelf life boiled meat depends on its kind.

    1. The chill can stand in the refrigerator for a week.
    2. The more salt used in cooking, the longer the dish can be stored.
    3. Fatty meat spoils much faster than lean.
    4. Frozen boiled meat can be stored for a month.

    Shelf life smoked meat:

    • in the refrigerator - up to 10 days;
    • at room temperature - 1-2 days.

    Meat in vacuum packing. The shelf life of meat in vacuum packing is 7 days.

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    With cooking thawed product it is better not to delay.

    For a certain time it lay in the freezer. It is advisable to heat the product within 24 hours.

    The shelf life of cooked meat depends largely on the method of preparation. But it's better not to keep it more than 1-2 days.

    How long to store the ready-to-eat pickled meat depends on the used sauce and spices used for its preparation:

    1. Safe shelf life of meat marinated in lactic acid products - 1-2 days.
    2. Meat, marinated in mayonnaise, is stored no more than 5 days.
    3. Pepper, vodka, wine, as well as vinegar in marinade helps to preserve the product in a week.
    4. Garlic and onions in the marinade significantly increase the shelf life - up to 5 days.
    5. In order to increase the period of use of pickled meat, the product can be frozen, after removing it from the sauce.

    Frozen meat, in comparison with fresh, slightly loses its flavor and nutritional properties. But wins in terms of storage, which are much higher than the expiration dates of fresh or chilled meat.

    1. Lamb, pork, beef in frozen form can be stored for 3-12 months.
    2. Frozen chicken meat can be stored for 8-12 months.
    3. Boiled and smoked meat it is advisable not to keep in the freezer for more than 1 month.
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    Fresh meat has a delicate juicy consistence, pleasant smell and good taste qualities.

    With prolonged storage in meat pass irreversible processes, which fundamentally change these indicators.

    Development of putrefactive microflora, under the influence of which the product becomes flabby, becomes brown and has a musty smell.

    As a result, meat corrupts.

    To understand that the expiration date for meat is quite simple. The spoiled product has sharp unpleasant odor, loses elasticity and natural color.

    Brown or green spots, mold on meat, as well as musty or sour smell indicate the inadequacy of the product for food.

    Staphylococcal intoxication, salmonellosis, dysentery, infectious botulism - diseases that can cause the use of expired products. Eating spoiled meat is fraught with many serious consequences, up to and including deaths.

    Meat is tasty and healthy, rich in vitamins,minerals and amino acids product. But, in order to preserve all its useful properties and taste qualities, it is necessary to properly observe the conditions, norms and terms of storage.

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