/ / Is it possible to fry frozen meat without defrosting?

Can I fry frozen meat without defrosting

found in the fridge slicing, too lazy to wait when it freezes.

will the taste of meat be lost?

Better still defrost. Hold the water under the hot water. Well, or at least start frying on a very small fire - so that the difference in time, you do not really benefit if you start to fry frozen.

Defrost did not wait: chopped the sword and left in the oil.

And so, why is it defrosted?

to warm up evenly => prepared faster and identically, and then the crust is fried and inside the ice still

unfrozen is harder. but if you chop, the difference will be small, not a chop after all.

will the taste of meat be lost? depends on the amount of vodka.

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