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Frozen crab meat that can be cooked

Caloric value: 73 kcal.

Frozen crab meat (cm. photo) - not so long ago a well-known semi-finished product, which is currently actively replacing the real delicacy. This product is made from surimi - peeled and finely chopped fillets of ocean fish, which are mostly mackerel, pollock or herring.

It is worth noting that such a fake natural crab meat today is in great demand. It, like crab sticks, is an integral part of many cuisines of the world.

Imitation of crab meat was first preparedby the Japanese in 1100. At this time in Japan, it was noticed that minced meat, obtained from white fish (today it is called surimi), has no smell and taste. It is for this reason, with the use of a tasteless product and fragrant herbs, to create counterfeits of various seafood, including crab meat.

Depending on the manufacturer, such a productcan differ not only in taste, but also in calorie and chemical composition. However, the color of quality meat should remain unchanged - white!

In cooking, crab meat is most often used as an ingredient for making a variety of delicacies. On the basis of this product, a lot of luxurious dishes are created, not only salads, as many think, but also various snacks, casseroles and even cakes.

Using such a delicacy ingredientyou can prepare an excellent romantic dinner, as well as just a very tasty lunch, which is perfect for a festive feast. Crab meat is perfectly combined with these products:

Very often crab meat is prepared from tartlets, as well as sushi and canapés. Some cooks with such a delicacy make sandwiches, as well as original pancakes, profiteroles and scrambled eggs.

If this product is used as an independent dish, it is better to take natural crab meat. There are few ways to prepare it. At home, such a product can be fried or boiled. Note! Before heat treatment, meat must be defrosted and rinsed. It is recommended to defrost it naturally, without the use of hot water and similar methods of defrosting. Roast the crab meat better in olive oil until golden brown, and cook it in slightly salted water for no more than fifteen minutes.

Crab meat has a very delicate texture, in the prepared form it is very fragrant and pleasant to taste.

Due to the high content of vitally important minerals frozen crab meat has many useful properties. Also in its composition there are vitamins, proteins, lipids and amino acids. Among the microelements contained in this product, sodium, iodine, phosphorus and sulfur can be isolated.

Due to low calorie content, crab meat is recognized as one of the best dietary products. In addition, delicacy is useful in the following cases:

  • with impaired cardiac and vascular function;
  • with diseases of the endocrine system;
  • with anemia;
  • with poor vision;
  • with obesity;
  • with disorders of the nervous system.

Despite its rich composition, it is highly discouraged to abuse this product, since, in addition to surimi, it often contains harmful food additives (dyes, fragrances, etc.).

Frozen crab meat is a delicious delicacy that you can really enjoy!

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