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How to brew broth from frozen meat

Elementary mistakes in cooking meat allows onlyDo not every mistress. In most cases, it pours the meat with cold water, and in the process of boiling begins to remove the foam. Penka, by the way, is nothing like a squirrel that curled up. During the heating process, the mineral salts and proteins dissolved in cold water pass into water, while laying the meat in boiling water, they mostly remain in the product itself. How to cook meat properly? There are some secrets in this matter.

If a good broth, as a consequence of cooking meat younot interested, lay the meat in boiling water. If you want to get a rich broth, put the meat in cold water. Do not rush to take off the foam - it is useful for broth and has nutritional value. And to remove non-aesthetic flakes, it is enough to put a bow in the pot, this will cause the protein to curdle and the foam will disappear. Broth or soup boil on a small fire, so the dish will retain transparency. If it is required that the nutrients remain not in the broth, namely in the meat, add the salt immediately after boiling. During cooking, the saucepan with meat should be closed, this will improve the taste of the final product. In the saucepan, excessive oxygen does not enter, thereby minimizing fat oxidation. After turning off the fire, leave the meat in the broth for another 10 minutes. Next, the meat must be removed, even if you do not serve it immediately on the table. Do you want to use the product a little later? Then, to preserve the juice of the juice carefully wrap it in foil, or hide it in a plastic container.

Immediately answer: You can, however, before you should read some of the nuances. So, if you need frozen meat for soup - no problem! Do not forget to just take off the foam, otherwise you risk getting a rebuke for the soup's turbidity. Here it is useful to clarify that the richness of the broth determines not the meat, but the bones, so it is better to preserve the meat for the second course. If the meat is intended to be used for these purposes, it is desirable to defrost it first. First, the thawed meat will have a completely different taste after cooking. Not thawed meat can strongly disappoint you in this regard. Secondly, the product will lose the basic useful substances, properly speaking, no benefit to the body of the frozen piece of meat will not bring. Typically, the meat is thawed at room temperature by immersing it in water. Such defrosting can give the product a stiffness, but if the operation is performed in a microwave oven, you will lose the normal "commodity" kind of meat. Thus, we have established that there is no theoretical contraindication to the brewing of frozen meat. We should only be ready to lose our product a certain part of the useful properties, and, of course, taste.

And this procedure is quite feasible. Such meat should be washed and put already in boiling water. Since the volume of the product during cooking does not practically change, it must be completely covered with water. Smoked meat is cooked within 1-3 hours, which depends on the size of the piece. Water should not be added as the evaporation is concerned - its amount should be calculated immediately. Smoked meat is cooked over low heat. The degree of its readiness is determined with a fork. Do not rush to take out the finished product from the pan - let the meat cool in the broth.

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