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Is it possible to freeze meat puree for a child

I think it is worth considering in more detail the questionstorage of meat products, which we choose for our kids and their first meat complementary foods. After all, meat lure is more convenient to cook from small lots, harvested frozen meat.

Meat can be chilled and frozen.

Chilled meat is an ideal option for meatcomplementary, fresh, bright taste, I think everyone knows perfectly well that a dish made with fresh meat is much tastier than cooked from frozen. But the main disadvantage of fresh meat is that it will often have to be bought, if the butcher shop is at hand and you are sure of the quality of the product, it's very good. And if not?

Therefore, many mothers freeze fresh meat for several meals. It is not difficult to freeze a meat product.

Step 1: We buy good quality meat, preferably without bones, veins, veins, films and fat, i.e. a breast with turkey and chicken, flesh in pork and veal, I think, it is understandable.

Step 2: Cut all the fatty pieces, the cartilage and film are also removed.

Step 3: Thoroughly wash under cold water.

Step 4: Cut the meat into small pieces to, first, faster cooked, and secondly, it was better to beat the meat.

Step 5: Lay out the packages, you can use with a zip-fastener, the main thing is to sign the package, i.e. set the date for freezing.

Step 6: It is necessary to freeze on the "Quick freeze" mode.

Frozen meat for baby food is stored no more than 1-2 months, so it should be taken into account when freezing. Defrost meat is necessary in the refrigerator.

Fridge: After the meat is cooked, cover, let cool and put immediately in the refrigerator. Store in an airtight container and use within 24 hours.

Frozen meat puree: Once the meat is mixed and cooled, it is separatedfor small portions using an ice cubes mold. Put in the freezer, freeze with quick freezing and use for four weeks.

Freezing pieces of meat: Cooked pieces of meat divided into portions,put in a bag, and then into the freezer and freeze. Adding vegetables to meat puree will help stop the "drying" of meat puree during freezing. Use within four weeks.

Warming up: Defrosting meat products is necessary inrefrigerator, and then reheat in a small amount of water using a frying pan or microwave oven. Make sure that there is a bit of warm liquid in the mashed potatoes. It is always necessary to check the temperature of the warmed meat puree to make sure it is an acceptable temperature before giving it to the baby. It is not recommended to re-freeze the cooked meat for the baby, since thawing increases the number of bacteria.

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