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Is it possible to freeze meat in foil

Meat contains more than 20 percent protein,fats, calcium, amino acids, iron, potassium, myoglobins, vitamins A, PP and B, phosphorus, microelements and many other nutrients. The use of meat in the diet will reduce the risk of developing anemia, supports the muscle tone, bone and immune systems of the person, reduces the level of nervousness and strengthens blood vessels.

Storage of meat in the refrigerator allows you to extendits freshness and protect it from dangerous diseases that can be picked up from a spoiled product. It is best to store the meat in a glass or plastic container with a lid, and not in a bag. The container with meat should be positioned closer to the freezer at a relative temperature of 0 to -3 degrees.

The most reliable way to store meat is to freeze. In a freezer, meat can be stored for as long as possible, which is certainly convenient if necessary to make a stock.

Freezing instruction:

  1. Fresh meat to rinse and cut portionwise.
  2. Roll up portions of meat into foil, food film or parchment paper.
  3. Fold the meat in foil in a bag and put a paper with the date of freezing.
  4. Put the meat in storage in the freezer at a temperature of -12 to -24 degrees.

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